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Public Sector

Providing expert asbestos removal services in public buildings to safeguard the general public.

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Public Sector

Protecting the Community

Hundreds of thousands of public sector buildings still contain asbestos today due to their construction before the year 2000.

Libraries, town halls, schools, hospitals, and museums are all buildings used by many people in local communities, and therefore public sector managers have a huge responsibility to safeguard the general public from asbestos-related diseases.

In these buildings asbestos isn’t generally considered a significant threat to the general public, however, if mismanaged or poorly maintained, fibres can be released and pose a huge threat.

Although the responsibility lies with the duty holder or building owner to manage the issue once it has been identified, if removal is necessary the asbestos problem must be handed over to professionals. At Henderson Environmental, our professional team is licensed and trained to deal with all asbestos issues, whether you require an encapsulation service or complete asbestos removal to protect the general public.

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