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Leisure & Retail

Protecting staff and customers in the leisure and retail industry by ensuring facilities are compliant with asbestos health and safety regulations.

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Leisure & Retail

Ensuring Compliance and Protecting Visitors

With high daily footfall, retail and leisure facilities must deal with asbestos in a discreet way to avoid disruption for visitors.

Many retail and leisure facilities run from older buildings and this is when asbestos can become a problem. Due to the high level of customers visiting and staff working in these facilities, it’s important that signs of asbestos are acted upon efficiently to avoid risk.

Simple maintenance tasks and repairs can sometimes be all it takes for asbestos to be disturbed and fibres are then released into the environment affecting hundreds of people at one time.

In order to keep your staff and visitors safe from the dangers of asbestos our team can come and assess your entire building in a safe and discreet way. We can conduct removals at a time that suits your opening hours, keeping disruption to a minimum and avoiding closures where possible.

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