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Assessing and removing asbestos in healthcare settings and minimising disruption to both staff and patients.

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Protecting Staff and Patients

We understand that the presence of asbestos can distress vulnerable patients who need to feel protected from further risk, and our team is here to ensure the safety of everyone within the healthcare sector.

Maintenance and refurbishment in healthcare settings must take place in order to ensure consistent cleanliness and provide a secure and safe environment for patients and staff. However, this is when asbestos can become a problem for those in the healthcare sector as once disturbed the fibres can pose a further threat to those working and residing in hospitals.

If staff don’t know where asbestos is or may be located, routine operations and maintenance may disturb the fibres and result in the development of further illnesses, not only for patients but for themselves.

In order to keep healthcare settings up and running, our team can provide an abatement service and inspect areas and products that are suspected to contain asbestos and come up with the best solution to suit your building.

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