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Working to make all agricultural buildings and equipment asbestos free and safe to use.

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Protecting Agriculture

Asbestos can commonly be found in farm buildings between wallboards, in brake linings of old vehicles, in corrugated roofing or cladding, and in rainwater pipes and gutters.

There is always the potential for the substance to be disturbed during general repairs and maintenance on machinery or building features. This unfortunately puts both farmers and animals at risk of inhaling asbestos fibres that can cause the development of potentially fatal diseases.

If you detect asbestos on your land in your farm buildings or within the machinery used to carry out daily responsibilities, you need to contact a licensed contractor.

Our team can handle your situation whether you require entire roof and cladding removal, sprayed coatings on your pipework, or removal of asbestos cement, and dispose of any leftover waste to ensure your area is clean and safe.

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