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Helping to manage asbestos detection and removal in schools to safeguard staff and pupils at all times.

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Safeguarding Schools

When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, this can put both staff and pupils within education settings at risk.

Although both staff and students are instructed not to disturb areas potentially containing asbestos, in some cases the substance may become loose and begin to flake due to daily wear and tear or general maintenance activity.

In the event of an asbestos disturbance in a school or University, the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 requires steps to be taken by the duty holder whether that be the governor, trustee, or local authorities to deal with the potential risks. Therefore, it’s essential to contact a licensed team to assess the severity of the contamination and begin the process of risk elimination.

To avoid school closure and ensure staff and pupils are protected from coming into contact with the dangerous substance, Henderson Environmental provide removal and waste disposal services to professionally and efficiently eliminate any traces of asbestos within the education sector.

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