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Domestic & Social Housing

Our encapsulation and removal services allow us to create a safe living spaces free from asbestos for social and domestic housing residents.

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Domestic & Social Housing

Protecting Tenants and Residents

Although the use of asbestos in new buildings was banned in 1999, traces of the material can still be present in older buildings and must be managed appropriately.

Asbestos can often be found in materials such as corrugated roofing, ceiling tiles, wall panels, and pipe and boiler lagging, all of which are usually included in social and domestic housing.

This makes the presence of asbestos extremely difficult to assess due to the volume of materials used that potentially contain the substance. Therefore, trained professionals are required to visit housing where asbestos is suspected and carry out tests in order to assess the area contaminated by asbestos and understand the risks.

Our team can conduct our abatement service in your home to assess the severity of the asbestos present in your building and either provide an encapsulation or removal service depending on the level of risk.

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