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Helping to ensure that you adhere to your legal duty by identifying and removing asbestos and protecting those working in your office space.

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Commerical Offices

Preventing Commercial Office Closures

As the owner of a commercial office space, you have a legal duty to protect those working in your building from asbestos-related illnesses.

For all commercial properties, the landlord or managing agent holds the responsibility to ensure their property is risk-free and safe from asbestos contamination.

Asbestos must be properly recorded and managed in order to ensure that the people working in the commercial building don’t come into contact with the fibres and develop a disease due to long-term exposure.

In some cases, if asbestos is identified in the workplace it may be safer left alone however it’s important to pinpoint its presence, carry out a risk assessment and put a clear plan in place to manage potential risk.

The Henderson Environmental team can help, as we can conduct the abatement process to identify the severity of the risk, and carry out encapsulation techniques such as applying sprayed coatings to the area to form a barrier and minimise office closure.

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